The Population and occupations of Tintinhull
A 1950s dissertation by Judy Wallace whose family connections with the village go back to the 17c.

J Wallace
uploaded Jan. 2019

Tintinhull Parish Landscape

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This study is an interpretation of the fragments of evidence gathered from documents, landscape archeology and map analysis of the this and surrounding parishes.
It brings the evidence together to illustrate the possible evolution from the area's pre-historic co-axial boundaries through the post conquest era and into the 19C.
A Tintinhull Local History Group Study
E.Lorch 2018

Published MAY 2016
Tintinhull and the Great War

Local Turnpike Roads
Mike Robbins 2013

Tintinhull Voices Oral History of the Village 2014

A summary of
Lost Saxon Charters and Domesday Tintinhull
extracted from a detailed study prepared by F & C Thorn 2009.

Tintinhull St Margaret’s Church -
Towards a Structural History
by J Sampson May 2009

Presence of the Past - a full colour illustrated book describing Tintinhull from its prehistory through to the 18c
published Nov. 2010 -
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