25th April - Marilyn Smith - after a short AGM
‘19th Century Rings and their Significance’
After a short AGM, group member Marilyn, will give a colourful presentation with a brief overview of the huge variety of rings which were made and worn for different reasons e.g. Memorial rings:- rings commemorating significant events and people; simple wedding rings; love tokens etc., as well as rings made purely for decoration or statement of fashion awareness; for those of very modest means or the wealthy. All these rings would have been worn all over England and Bath was certainly a leader of fashion in the early 19th century. A few specimen rings will be on display.
Tickets for ‘The Fossil Lady of Lyme’ will be on sale tonight.

Tour of Dawe’s Twineworks, West Coker - Saturday 12th May 3pm
After a very interesting talk last September, Ross Aitken will give our group a tour around the new
re-furbished Twineworks and Museum.
Contact flora.wragg@gmail.com Donation of £2 per person

Tour of Church House, Crowcombe - Wed 4th July at 9.30am - 1pm
A guided tour by Peter Menneer of the Church and into Church House for a presentation and refreshments. Then a guided tour around Church House, followed by a walk to the quarry and lime kiln. Local pub for lunch, if pre booked. Contact flora.wragg@gmail.com Donation of £2 per person

26th September - Alison Neil 7.30pm Charity Fund Raiser
‘The Fossil Lady of Lyme’

Imagine - the world is only 6000 years old and everything was created in six days…. This was the world into which Mary Anning was born - just 200 years ago. Then came the pioneering work of geologists, studying rocks and fossils. The accepted truths about the world were blown apart; it became clear that there had been a vast prehistoric age, with unimaginable monsters roaming the earth and swimming in the seas. Mary Anning played a key part in these extraordinary times. She discovered the first complete fossil of a prehistoric reptile in Great Britain – at the age of twelve. Throughout her life, she continued to make ground-breaking & spectacular discoveries.

From the minute she walks into the room Alison Neil is Mary Anning, and tells her fascinating story of “the fine clever men of science” who took most of the credit for her work. The tale of her life, her friendships, her struggle to make her mark (and put food on the table) is both amusing and moving. Two 50 minute acts with refreshments in the interval.
£10 per ticket, pre booked.
Box office 01935 822376 Contact flora.wragg@gmail.com

24th October - Peter Tinney
‘Childhood Reflections - Schooldays

After giving us a very entertaining talk in 2012 about his life growing up on a farm, Peter will be back to regale some more tales of childhood recollections about his schooldays.
2018 - 2019 Membership fee due now. £8

21st November - Steve Creaney
‘A History of Coal Mining and Geology in the SW Durham Coalfield’
A description of work done locating ancient coal mines in SW Durham, relating them to local geology and tenuously linking all that to Somerset! Please note this is a week earlier than usual.

12th December - Gerry Hunt
‘The Mystery of Sea Navigation and Other Things’
The talk will encompass certain historical events, practical aspects of determining position at sea and the wealth of work undertaken to develop the ‘art’ of navigation.

Meetings are held in Tintinhull Village Hall (7.30 pm - unless otherwise stated) BA22 8PY
Visitors £3 Members £1 Full membership £8 Refreshments included. Non members welcome

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