Post publication corrections

page 37:   George William Brown was born in 1898 (not 1899).
page 118: after the first sentence in the third paragraph the following should be inserted:
Violet had been working for Mrs. Hallett at the Court House and continued to do so for many years.
page 123:  the third line of the caption under the photograph should read Owen
page 233: in the paragraph below the photograph, the explanation of Tintinhull Club Day should read:
This was always held on the 'first clear Monday in May' (this was an old village definition meaning that Club Day had to take place on the first Monday which was preceded by a May Saturday.  For example if May 1st fell on a Sunday then Club Day would not be held until Monday, May 9th).
page 243: in the first paragraph of Acknowledgements, the name Tony Perrott should read Tony Perrett.